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About Us

We are the only Electronic Power Steering unit supplier who offer a "No Messing" 24 month Guarantee. We supply multiple Motorsport Outlets and Preperation Houses. Some of the products sold by these businesses include a MKII Ford Escort installation kit including: full column, mounting brackets and control unit, please ask for more details.

Our units have beeen fitted in Novas, mantas, mini's, Land Rovers, Westfileds, Jaguars, Escorts, even a De-Lorean, and the list is growing daily. Have you got a unique application? Lets us know. Frequently Asked Questions::

If you have any other questions please ask. Q: Hi, I want to fit the corsa EPS system to various vehicle I own as I only have one arm! I am an engineer so the mechanical installation is not a problem. Please could you tell me if this controller is necessary to make the system work or a nice to have addition? Thanks for your help. A: Hi there, You will need one of these units to send the correct signals to the control unit on the power steering column, the adjustment is a nice to have but the signals are a must. When fitted in a corsa the column receives a vehicle speed signal and an engine speed signal but when you fit the column to another vehicle either the signals are not there or are different to what the column expects. This box creates the correct signals so the column can be used in any vehicle. The adjustment changes the vehicle speed signal so that the amount of assist can be set to suit the driver. I hope this helps

Q: hi there i would like to buy a unit off you is it ok if i send you a cheque.please could you send me your details.thanks A: Yes a cheque will be fine but I do need to wait for the cheque to clear before sending the item. If you purchase the item I will give you the details of where to send the cheque and who to make it payable to. Many Thanks

Q: hi I just bought corsa b column from scrap yard and want to fit it in a mk2 escort have column and brain is this all i need cheers A: Hi There, Yes, this control unit will complete the kit ready to fit to your MKII. You'll need a short section of the loom that plugs into the power steering 'brain' but if you have that this will complete the bits you need to get the column working.

Q: Do you know if this can be used on a Fiat Punto unit? A: Hi there, I don't imagine that it will. It was designed for use with the Corsa columns and has not been tested on the fiat column. ____________________



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