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Variable speed power steering controller - with proximity sensor - Opel/Vauxhall Corsa B & C


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Product Information

Corsa Electrical Power Steering
Speed to Torque Controller
Varies the Assistance with Vehicle Speed!

With proximity sensor.


The Corsa EPS Speed Unit can convert your vehicles existing speed pulses into a signal that the Corsa (B or C) ECU expects to see. This gives the EPS ECU the ability to run different assistant levels depending on the vehicle speed:

<15MPH High Power Assistance

15-35MPH Medium Power Assistance

>35MPH Low Power Assistance


To do this the Speed Unit needs a 5 to 12V pulse from your speed sensor, so it would need either a proximity sensor, or a hall sensor that detects a bolt, toothed wheel, etc. If you have a VR sensor (abs style) then this needs converting to a 12V pulse before it can feed the Torque Controller Unit. (contact us if you need this, we can supply these circuits if required)


1) Program Mode:

To program the Torque Controller Unit you will need to drive along and press the test button at the 2 speeds you want the unit to switch at.

1a) Program Mode - Get a passenger to hold the “Program Button” down for 3 Seconds with the Torque Controller Unit powered on. (The Status LED will flash at a rate of 1/Sec indicating you are in “Program Mode”

1b) Mid Speed Point - Speed that the EPS ECU swaps from High Assistance to Medium Assistance (Suggested 15-20MPH)
This MUST be the first set point entered and you must be in “Program Mode” (See 1a)
Once you have reached the Mid Speed Point hold the “Program Button” down. The Status LED will flash faster to show it has accepted this as the Mid Speed Point. (2 /Sec)

1c) High Speed PointSpeed that the EPS ECU swaps from Medium assistance to Low Assistance (Suggested 35-45MPH)
This MUST be done immediately after the Mid Speed point has been entered and you must still be in “Program Mode” (See 1a)
Get up to the speed you desire for the Hi Speed Point switchover and press the “Prog Mode” button again. The Status LED was flashing at 2/Sec, now it will go back to being solid to indicate it has accepted the Hi Speed Point. It will only accept it if the speed is faster than the Mid Speed Point.


Proximity sensor details:

This inductive type sensor has been designed for the non-contact detection of metallic targets. The sensor has vacuum-encapsulated electronics and a metal housing that protects the device from shock, vibration, dust dirt and moisture, meaning that the switch is ideal for use in harsh environments.

  • Terminated by 2m cable assembly
  • Long switching distances
  • High-quality
  • Exceptionally good switching point temperature stability
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Voltage reversal protection
  • Induction protection
  • 4mm switching distance

if you have any other questions please email us via the "contact us" page

Product Code: OPE84KVA50

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